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The Kindness Couch

Self-care for the soul

Self-care is something that there seems to be a lot of confusion around. While self-care can include all sorts of fabulous pampering activities, there is actually so much more to holistic self-care, self-care that truly nourishes your soul and energises you on every level.

Getting the right self-care regime for yourself can be tricky. Because self-care needs to happen in all areas of your life to be truly effective - we are talking physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, financially, environmentally, educationally. We have designed out monthly home retreat boxes with holistic self-care in mind, so you can truly lead your life from your heart, energised and enthusiastically.

When we talk about retreat rituals here at The Kindness Couch we talk about harnessing the power of intention, and using that intention to powerfully transform your life.

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Each month we send you a retreat box that includes not only our daily SECRET SHOWER RITUAL FOR SUCCESS, but also a transformative ritual for your to perform and plant the seeds of change in your life, from opening your heart, balancing your chakras, letting go, embracing joy, self-love........ we have sooo many rituals up our sleeve and can't wait to share them all with you each and every month.

Our retreat boxes make it easier than ever to spend time loving yourself and leading from your heart.

The content of each months retreat box will vary and include what you need to perform that month's activity. The shower ritual will be included each month as this process is truly so transformational when practiced over a longer period of time.

Examples of what might be included each month are:
physical ritual items - think journals, sage, candles, crystals, cards...
digital resource - think meditations, hypnotic inductions, emotional freedom rituals....
remote reiki healings.

The total RRP of each box will be in excess of $79.99, But when you subscribe, you pay only $59.95 a month.

All subscriptions made by the 25th of the month will receive the following box posted on the 1st of the month.

Subscribe for only $59.95 each month, includes postage - Available only in Australia. You can unsubscribe at any time through your PayPal account, or by simply sending us an email.

- Subscribe by 25 November to receive the Solar Plexus Confidence Box
- Subscribe by 25 December to receive the Gratitude Box
- Subscribe by 25 January to receive the Goal Getting Box
- Subscribe by 25 February to receive the Mindful Beauty Box
- Subscribe by 25 March to receive the Connecting to your inner calm box
- Subscribe by 25 April to receive the Heart Healing Box

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