Unplug and rediscover yourself throughout your motherhood journey (the fun way)

One of the greatest joys in life is being a mum and watching your mini-you learn, grow and conquer their way through childhood.

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t have it any other way. Not for all the sleep and undisrupted time on the toilet in the world. But it can be a lonely journey for some.

Before motherhood, you could roll out of bed at 9:00 am and think that was early. You could sit and enjoy the morning without having to scull your morning brew. You made yourself breakfast and had time to style your hair before going out to meet up with your friends or loved ones. You always had time to do whatever you wanted when work was over and going to bed late was normal.

Things changed after motherhood though…


Now, your “sleep-ins” are 5:00 am (if you’re lucky), your go-to hairstyle is the #mumbun and you can recite every line from every Disney movie. You spend most of your time cleaning sticky surfaces, rolling playdough, blowing bubbles, dodging lego pieces and taming tantrums. By the end of the day, you’re buggered. You haven’t been out with the girls in months and you’re starting to go a little stir-crazy, looking for some judgement-free support and connection.

Cue: Motherhood Unplugged – a mothers group designed to empower mums to follow their passions and redefine themselves after children.

Your kids call you
Mum Mummy Mama

But we think hard-working, child-wrangling and sticky-hands-cleaning household goddess suits you better.

Hi, I’m Tiffany
(but you can call me Tiff),

I was lucky enough to take the reigns on Motherhood Unplugged earlier this year and, while the sole purpose of the group still exists – to support and help mothers redefine themselves after children – I wanted to make a few tweaks.


As fulfilling as being a mum can be, motherhood shouldn’t be our only identity. All the hobbies and aspirations you had before motherhood feel like they’re buried beneath your parental responsibilities. Motherhood Unplugged is here to change that.

I became a mum at 23 years old and had no friggin’ clue what I was doing. It felt like I went from my office assistant role into motherhood with two newborns in the blink of an eye (yep, I had twins!). In the early days, I walked through the darkness of Postnatal Depression. I went from a very unknown and lonely place to turning my situation around and redefined who I am. I saw an opportunity in Motherhood Unplugged that allowed me to utilise an accessible online space to help other mums through the peaks and valleys of motherhood too.

I’m now the supermum to my two boys, Hamish and Oliver with the support of my amazing husband, Nathan. I’ve taken on Motherhood Unplugged to grow this already amazing community of mothers to be a beacon of light and useful resources to every mum who feels lost within themselves and is looking for a supportive group of other mums to help lift their spirits.


No matter where you are in your parenting journey, we’re here to help you every step of the way, including how to find yourself outside of motherhood too.

Are you ready to join the club, mama?

Join our online mothers group and start having something just for you to look forward to every week.


You’ll get on-tap access to a supportive community of other mothers who get what you’re going through and can be there to light your spark during cloudier days.

Our community of fun-loving and friendly mums is here to help you raise the bar on raising a family while making some life-long connections (maybe over a few cheeky wines?) along the way. You can easily find other mothers in your area within the community who you can connect with offline and in-person for fun mums-only activities.

You’ll make new friends, brainstorm mum-friendly activities and ideas, gain access to educational pieces and affordable courses from leading professionals in the parenting space, cheer on and support local mums in business and attend member-exclusive (kid-free) events where you have the chance to meet your group in person.

What you’ll get when you join our mums club:

On-tap mums-only zone online community

Join our online mums group and get a feel for other local mothers in the group. We offer a safe and supportive environment to share parenting wins and woes as well as helpful resources.

Educational webinars with parenting experts

You’ll gain exclusive access to our online webinars from leading experts in breastfeeding, wellbeing and parenting, as well as discounts on in-person speaking events.

Our MumE-hub of cool mum courses

From breastfeeding and lactation to mental health and wellbeing, we’ve teamed up with parenting professionals to create online courses to make your parenting journey easier.

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