Toilet Training – What You Need To Know

Let’s talk about poop! Okay, so not just poop but toilet training. It is something that we all go through as a parent and a time that can be stressful and time consuming. Toilet training is obviously something that each child will go through at some point in the first few years of their lives and in most cases it is something that we need to instigate as a parent. So, how do you even begin to toilet train a toddler? What do you need to know? Don’t stress, we have you covered!

When should I start toilet training?

There is no exact time that you have to have toilet training but it normally starts to happen between the ages of two and three. Each child is different and some will be ready earlier than others.

Many children will start to show cues that they are interested in toilet training and this is a good time to start the process as they are also showing interest. If you try to start toilet training before they are showing interest it can result in a lot of accidents and resilience from the child.

When you do decide to start the toilet training, choose a time when you are planning on being home for a few days straight. If you are constantly in and out of the home it can cause disruption to the process and it can make the process a lot longer than necessary.

Find a time when your stress levels are low, your child is interested and you are able to stay home with them.

How should I do it?

The most important thing when you are starting toilet training is waiting until your child is ready. If they are not ready – it will not work.

Once you have determined your child is ready to toilet train and are starting to show interest in it, than start talking to them about what you will be doing. By getting them involved with the choices it will help them to want to get involved.

Tips To Help You Get Started

  • Let your child choose new undies that they will want to wear, let them choose a potty or toilet step to use and let them get it all set up.
  • Set aside a few days at home to focus on just the toilet training. Try to stay home as much as you can and reduce the stresses of going out on top of everything else.
  • Have praise and rewards ready. Each time your child uses the toilet or the potty it is deserving of praise, so make sure you are ready to praise away.
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Once You Have Started

  • Ask often if they need to go. Children get sidetracked very easily so it is important than you are checking with them regularly if they need to use the toilet. They may be too busy playing to realise how close they are to needing to use the toilet so it can result in accidents. Every 10-15 minutes check in with them about whether they need to go.
  • Start the day on the toilet. First thing when your child wakes up – get them to go to the toilet. Even if they do not do anything, it is important to start a routine of using the toilet.
  • Set up a rewards sticker chart. This will help you to get results from your child as they will want to finish their chart and get their reward.
  • Don’t get mad. As frustrating as it may be when there are accidents or it seems like your child isn’t listening it is important to make sure that you are not getting mad at them and reassure them that they are doing a great job.

Toilet training will not happen overnight, however, if after a week or two you are still getting more accidents than successes than it may not be the right time for the training.

Take it one day at a time and if you need to stop and try again at another date than that may be best.