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Mum life isn’t easy and being a new mum comes with many obstacles.

Of course, you love your cheeky, squishy little human, but you’re more than likely running on fumes with a few hours of sleep and zero time for yourself, let alone for socialising with loved ones.

Kids are the gifts that keep giving, but sometimes being a mother can feel lonely, dealing with all the unknowns and the uneasiness that comes with taking care of a newborn or toddler. Even if you have the support from your family and partner to help, you sometimes feel like no one really gets it.

That’s where Motherhood Unplugged comes in…

A mothers group designed to empower mums to follow their passions and redefine themselves after children.

Why join the (cool) mum club?

Our club was created by mothers, for mothers who seek ongoing education, support, connection (and some kid-free action every now and then).

We’re cheerleaders for all mothers

At our core, our club is inclusive of all mothers, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, ethnicity and economic status. No matter what stage of motherhood you’re at or how you decide to parent, we’ve got you.

Realistic parenting advice from professionals

As a Motherhood Unplugged club member, you’ll gain exclusive access to webinars, special educational events and resources from experts in parenting, breastfeeding, wellbeing and more.

Become part of a judgement-free zone

We’ve dedicated our group to making motherhood a little easier (and a lot more fun). This club is a safe and supportive space for mums to share their stories, vent and enjoy social time with mums who get it.

Thinking of joining our online mums club?

Our supportive online community has grown to 4000+ happy, social and connected mothers.

When you become part of our mum club, you’ll get exclusive access to professionally curated courses to help expand your skills during motherhood as well as the biggest online “mum squad” to cheer you on along the way. Connect with other mums in your area for kid-free social activities and join in on educational webinars, events and resources from parenting experts.

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